National Tree Day 2016

National Tree Day!

On Thursday the 28th of July, the wind was blowing, it started spitting at times, we got all muddy and dirty but we kept gardening! It was national Tree day. It is a special day to plant trees and discuss the importance of trees in our world.

We had had problems at times like when one of our G.W.P.S Mi-Pod gardening group member accidently pulled out an actual plant instead of a weed… But it’s okay, we re-planted it. In gardening we also learnt about the Gallipoli Oak tree. Finally, we got to plants around the Gallipoli Oak tree to keep the tree safe when it is small, and to keep children safe for when the tree grows up and becomes prickly.

Last but not least we got to get out of the dreadful mud, rain and get into the cosy Mi-Pod where we got our gardening and cooking books out, where we wrote down what we learnt and thought about our gardening session. Maybe you could do some gardening one day and see how much fun it is!

A big thank-you to Mr and Mrs Pearce for donating their time and skills to helping and teaching us about gardening and helping to erect the special tree guard around our precious Gallipoli Oak tree.

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By Latina and Charlotte



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3 thoughts on “National Tree Day 2016”

  1. Hi Ev eryone,
    What an awesome tree Day you have had! Everyone has been part of a very historic planting with the Gallopi Oak. Even when you have moved on from GWPS your effort will be remembered from your planting of this significant tree.The garden is looking great with your mulching and weeding too. Love the photos and well done to seeing the job through. Keep up the awesome effort!
    A very SPECIAL thankyou to Helen and her hubby for the great work with our historic Gallopoli Oak. This will be a treasured tree of very historic significance for our school for future generations.

    1. Very true Mrs Jackson! Some students even think they have noticed it growing since it’s been in the ground. I can’t wait to see it in another 10 years or so 🙂

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