Why do we have a Gallipoli Oak tree at GWPS?

The reason why Grovedale West planted the Gallipoli oak tree is so that people can remember the ANZAC’s and appreciate what they did for us. A long time ago William Winter Cooke was fighting at war in Gallipoli. He got acorns from a Gallipoli oak tree and he sent them back to his uncle who lived in Victoria. He had an interest in trees so in 1916 his uncle  decided to plant one on his farm and gave the rest to a school in Geelong and it is still here today it is 100 years old. There are now over 650 schools who have applied to receive a Gallipoli Oak which have all grown from the original acorns sent back from the war.

By Ella, Cody, Riley and Callum


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Mrs O

3/4 Teacher at Grovedale West Primary School

4 thoughts on “Why do we have a Gallipoli Oak tree at GWPS?”

  1. Hi Mipods. I love the story of the Gallipoli oak tree and I especially love that one of the original ones is still growing at Geelong Grammar School. We were very lucky to receive our little tree and my hope is that it will also still be going strong in 100 years time. Our little tree reminds me of all of the children in our school – it has a story to tell and a long happy future ahead of it!
    Mrs Ovens

  2. I love having a Galipoli Oak tree at Grovedale West, it’s really special to have something connecting us to our history! 🙂

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