Zucchini and Carrot Croquettes & Apple and Rhubarb Crumble

By Zarah & Imogenimg_1640 img_1642img_1644 img_1643 img_1645img_1646 img_1647

Recently the Mipod students have been cooking two beautiful recipes named Apple Crumble & Zucchini and Carrot Croquettes by using our wonderful Stephanie Alexander Program.

Some people liked the Croquettes because of the crunchiness and the textures. To top off the Croquettes, we made delicious homemade Apple Crumble for dessert. Most people liked the Apple Crumble the best because of the sweetness and flavour and, well, who doesn’t love desserts?  We tried to make the croquettes as golden and as crispy as possible by frying them in a little bit of oil. The students, teachers and wonderful helpers really enjoyed this recipe although we thought the zuchinni could do with a little more seasoning. The apple crumble was crunchy, golden and had lots of sweet flavours and textures and was really set off by the cinnamon.

The Mipod students learned about accuracy, cooking skills, measurements and teamwork during this session and we all enjoyed working together to achieve our goal.

After finishing the cooking the children had to clean the kitchen up. Then it was eating time! Hooray! After eating, the children made comments on whether they liked the croquettes and apple crumble or not and why.

Writing and Publishing an Information Report

During term three, we have been working up to our cultural project. We have been researching and will begin writing an information report on our country and culture of choice.  As a model for what our information reports should look like, we have created shared texts about Australia in our home group writing sessions.  For this text, we planned and drafted our report based on four main categories: Culture, Geography, History and Government and Education.  We then created a paragraph in small groups and edited and shared our work as we went along.  By the time it came to publishing, we had decided that we wanted to try and publish this text in a more engaging way.  This meant using multimedia to add to our writing and engage our audience.  The result is the following slideshow.  We hope you enjoy it.  Please comment and give us feedback so we can continue to improve!


Asian Coleslaw & Wheat Tortillas

By Maya & Jasmine

Recently the Grade 3 & 4 students have made a delicious Asian Coleslaw with their very own tortillas using Stephanie Alexander’s recipe.

The 3 & 4 students had to cut up beetroot, ½ a cabbage and red onion. We also had carrots and the students grated them. As well as cutting the beetroot students also had to grate it.  We harvested the carrot and the beetroot from our MiPod kitchen garden where we planted the seeds, watered, fed and cared for them.

To top off the coleslaw the students made a lovely dressing. To make the dressing they used garlic, ¼ cup of lime juice, 1  tablespoon of rice vinegar, ⅓ cup of fish sauce (although this is probably too much fish sauce!), ½ cup of vegetable oil and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar. Then all of those ingredients went into a bowl and the students stirred it.

To make the dish 10 times better the students got to make their own tortillas! Some students made the dough while we were cutting and got small dough balls ready. Then we simply needed to roll them out to 2mm thick circles to use as our tortillas. When the students were done rolling out their dough ball they had to put it in a electric fry pan to cook it. It was a LOT of fun! The student got to flip their tortilla and put it on their plate.  

Then after the tortillas were cooked the students had to clean up. Then it was eating time! Most students liked the crispy, fresh coleslaw but a few didn’t as the fish sauce was quite strong! Everyone definitely liked the tortillas though.    IMG_0610IMG_0603

Hello world!

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