Why do we have a Gallipoli Oak tree at GWPS?

The reason why Grovedale West planted the Gallipoli oak tree is so that people can remember the ANZAC’s and appreciate what they did for us. A long time ago William Winter Cooke was fighting at war in Gallipoli. He got acorns from a Gallipoli oak tree and he sent them back to his uncle who lived in Victoria. He had an interest in trees so in 1916 his uncle  decided to plant one on his farm and gave the rest to a school in Geelong and it is still here today it is 100 years old. There are now over 650 schools who have applied to receive a Gallipoli Oak which have all grown from the original acorns sent back from the war.

By Ella, Cody, Riley and Callum


Cooking – Pumpkin Gnocchi

On Thursday 28th of July MIB did cooking. We created a dish called pumpkin gnocchi. It is an Italian dish and did you know, the name comes from the Italian word for knuckle because gnocchi are a similar shape.

We cut up the pumpkin and then put it in a pot. We let the pumpkin boil on the stove in boiling water. Once it boiled, we mashed it until it was really soft and had no lumps. We mixed the mash with flour and an egg, kneaded it into a dough and cut it into small pieces. We put it in boiling hot water and once it rose the the surface of the water we knew it was cooked. Once it was all done we served and ate it with a YUMMY burst butter and sage sauce. After all that hard work it was amazing and worth doing all those dishes! 

By Ella


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National Tree Day 2016

National Tree Day!

On Thursday the 28th of July, the wind was blowing, it started spitting at times, we got all muddy and dirty but we kept gardening! It was national Tree day. It is a special day to plant trees and discuss the importance of trees in our world.

We had had problems at times like when one of our G.W.P.S Mi-Pod gardening group member accidently pulled out an actual plant instead of a weed… But it’s okay, we re-planted it. In gardening we also learnt about the Gallipoli Oak tree. Finally, we got to plants around the Gallipoli Oak tree to keep the tree safe when it is small, and to keep children safe for when the tree grows up and becomes prickly.

Last but not least we got to get out of the dreadful mud, rain and get into the cosy Mi-Pod where we got our gardening and cooking books out, where we wrote down what we learnt and thought about our gardening session. Maybe you could do some gardening one day and see how much fun it is!

A big thank-you to Mr and Mrs Pearce for donating their time and skills to helping and teaching us about gardening and helping to erect the special tree guard around our precious Gallipoli Oak tree.

For more information about Tree Day visit  http://treeday.planetark.org/

By Latina and Charlotte





Our waterways have been getting polluted from rubbish. This must stop! So if you see some rubbish put it in the bin!!

The waterways are where we get our drinking water from, so who would want to drink dirty water? Well, if you don’t want that, stop polluting it.

Don’t forget, there are animals in our waterways, so if you keep polluting it, we won’t have any animals left. This is because some animals mistake it for food.

Some fish is where we get our food from, so we don’t want to eat fish that are poisoned.

If you’re ever at the beach and you go swimming, you better be careful because there will be rubbish in the water. The rubbish gets in the water by people littering so stop the littering!!!! This is a reason why it must stop!

This is what it looks like when animals mistake the rubbish for food.

And this is what it looks like when the ocean is polluted.



These are some reasons why you should not pollute the water, and if you see some rubbish you must definitely must put it in the bin!!!