Writing and Publishing an Information Report

During term three, we have been working up to our cultural project. We have been researching and will begin writing an information report on our country and culture of choice.  As a model for what our information reports should look like, we have created shared texts about Australia in our home group writing sessions.  For this text, we planned and drafted our report based on four main categories: Culture, Geography, History and Government and Education.  We then created a paragraph in small groups and edited and shared our work as we went along.  By the time it came to publishing, we had decided that we wanted to try and publish this text in a more engaging way.  This meant using multimedia to add to our writing and engage our audience.  The result is the following slideshow.  We hope you enjoy it.  Please comment and give us feedback so we can continue to improve!




Our waterways have been getting polluted from rubbish. This must stop! So if you see some rubbish put it in the bin!!

The waterways are where we get our drinking water from, so who would want to drink dirty water? Well, if you don’t want that, stop polluting it.

Don’t forget, there are animals in our waterways, so if you keep polluting it, we won’t have any animals left. This is because some animals mistake it for food.

Some fish is where we get our food from, so we don’t want to eat fish that are poisoned.

If you’re ever at the beach and you go swimming, you better be careful because there will be rubbish in the water. The rubbish gets in the water by people littering so stop the littering!!!! This is a reason why it must stop!

This is what it looks like when animals mistake the rubbish for food.

And this is what it looks like when the ocean is polluted.



These are some reasons why you should not pollute the water, and if you see some rubbish you must definitely must put it in the bin!!!